CharityChain™ builds trust between not for profits and the community by providing a private blockchain platform.  This provides transparency and empowerment for everyone that wants to participate in charitable causes.  Through data driven analytics and rankings, everyone will be able to make an informed decision when it comes to the issues they care about.

Our application connects volunteers, organizations and companies to track donations and time spent helping the community.  CharityChain™ is powered by a private blockchain which enables a high level of security, trust and privacy.

We bring transparency and accountability to philanthropy through our application.  Consumers, Corporate Entities, Institutions and Charitable Organizations can become empowered through our collaborative network.

CharityChain™ Connecting Doers and Donors


CharityChain™ gives you a platform to build trust and credibility with your volunteers and donors.  We will connect you to individuals and businesses that want to give back to the community.  Get certified and add transparency by uploading your information to the blockchain.  Our easy to use application track the hours spent by volunteers while providing security, reliability and privacy.

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CharityChain™ connects your business and employees to the world of philanthropy.  Our private blockchain enables you to connect directly with charities that need volunteers and donors.  Get certified and let the community know you are committed to giving back.  Transparency is enabled through our private blockchain so you can make better decisions.

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CharityChain™ allows you to find organizations that need your volunteer hours and donations.   Connect directly with certified organizations so you know your money is being spent on the cause.  Our private blockchain delivers trust and transparency.  A transparent and collaborative platform creates better outcomes for all participants.

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